Our Products

  • Instrumentation & Control Cable; Fibre Optic Cables; Fire resistant cables and Special cables -CAVICEL

  • Electrical Heating Equipment for Industrial processes and environments :
    Tubular and Cartridge heaters, Flange and Screw plug heaters, Circulation heaters and packaged circulation heaters, Custom engineered heaters – CALORITECH / WELLMAN

  • Filters, Strainers and Separators :
    Activated carbon filter, Bag Filter, Cartridge filter, Fabricated Basket Strainer, Gas Filter Separator, Liquid Filter Separator – 3L FILTERS; FLODRI

  • Water, gas, and fireproof sealing for Multi pipes/cables – BEELE ENGINEERING / CSD

  • Electrical and Instrumentation Bulk Material of well known brands

  • Explosion-proof heaters and exhaust fans, heating systems and heating accessories – RUFFNECK

  • Submarine cables, MV and HV Submarine Power cables, Composite Cables and Submarine Fiber Optic Cable

  • Marine cables and equipments of well known brands